Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015

How To Prevent Teen Dating Violence

Teenage years are full of different issues and one of them occurs when they start dating- teen dating violence. Teen dating violence is one of the harsh realities that a parent of a teen should face. Sometimes, there is a misconception between parents, they think that there teenager is too young to be dealing with such issue, but reality is that this teenage issue is very common nowadays. For the record, recent statistics shows that more or less 1 out of 5 high school students reported to be physically and sexually abused by dating partner. Others also admitted that they have to give in with the violence just to please their partner. There is a study which reported that females age 16- 24 years old are the ones who mostly experiences and susceptible with intimate partner violence compared to other age group. But it's sad to know that 81% of parents do not know the issue about teen dating violence and some don't if it's really an issue.
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